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Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer which contains a processor, RAM and standard hardware ports which you find with most computers. This range of features means you’re able to do most things a desktop computer can do such as document editing, playing videos, playing games, coding, and much more.The main operating system for the Pi is Raspbian and is based on Debian. The raspberry pi comes with a set of open source technologies, i.e. communication and multimedia. It was established by the Raspberry pi foundation from the UK. The main purpose of designing the raspberry pi board is, to encourage learning, experimentation and innovation for school level students. The raspberry pi board is a portable and low cost. Maximum of the raspberry pi computers is used in mobile technology. The raspberry pi comes in two models, they are model A and model B.The raspberry pi board comprises a program memory (RAM), processor and graphics chip, CPU, GPU, Ethernet port, GPIO pins, Xbee socket, UART, power source connector.


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