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What is FIRE Robotics Lab?

World's First Omni Channel S.T.E.A.M. Training Platform

At FIRE Robotics Lab, we take pride in being pioneers, bringing the first-of-its-kind skill training platform to schools across India. Our curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that students not only understand the concepts but can apply them in real-world scenarios. By introducing hands-on learning experiences, we pave the way for students to become industry-ready professionals in the fields of Robotics, Electronics, Aero Modelling, AI, and ML. We are the first company in India which started industry based skill training from 2017 in India & Nepal via FIRE Robotics Lab even before National Education Policy 2020 (N.E.P) was coined. 

Why to have FIRE Robotics Lab (FRL) in your School Campus?

Challenges faced by Schools

School Challenges

₹5 Lakh / Lab
  • N.E.P. Compliant Skill Subjects
  • Engagement of Subject Teachers
  • Expensive Ready Made Kits
  • Detailed Classwise Curriculum
  • Lack of Market Expertise
  • Dependency on Edu Boards
  • Student Assessments
  • Micro Degree & Certification

Other Companies

₹5-10 Lakhs / Lab
  • Limited Skill Subjects
  • Only Teacher Training
  • Sells Ready Made Kits
  • Static Curriculum
  • No Industry Collaborations
  • Not compliant
  • No Standard Assessment
  • Basic Certification

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is FIRE Robotics Lab (FRL)?

FIRE Robotics Lab is a pioneering skill development program designed for schools by FIZ Robotic Solutions. It offers a comprehensive curriculum covering Robotics, Electronics, AeroModelling, AI, and ML, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Why should our school consider having a FIRE Robotics Lab?

FIRE Robotics Lab provides India’s first skill training platform with an advanced curriculum, dedicated mentors, free lab setup, and compliance with the National Education Policy (N.E.P.) 2020. It prepares students for the demands of the digital age and fosters innovation and problem-solving skills.

How does the curriculum at FIRE Robotics Lab differ from traditional education?

The curriculum at FIRE Robotics Lab goes beyond theoretical learning by offering hands-on experiences and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. It bridges the gap between academia and industry requirements, ensuring students are industry-ready professionals.


Who are the mentors at FIRE Robotics Lab?

FIRE Robotics Lab mentors are seasoned professionals with expertise in robotics and related fields. They provide personalised guidance and serve as role models, inspiring students to excel in innovation and problem-solving.

What does the free lab setup entail for partnering schools?

Partnering schools receive a state-of-the-art lab setup, including equipment, software, and infrastructure, at no upfront cost. This initiative aims to make robotics education accessible to all schools, regardless of financial constraints.

How frequently is the curriculum updated at FIRE Robotics Lab?

The curriculum at FIRE Robotics Lab is constantly updated by industry experts to align with the latest technological trends and industry requirements. This ensures that students remain at the forefront of robotics and artificial intelligence education.


Is FIRE Robotics Lab compliant with the National Education Policy (N.E.P.) 2020?

Yes, FIRE Robotics Lab adheres to the guidelines set forth in the N.E.P. 2020, providing students with a holistic education that fosters cognitive, social, and practical skills essential for the 21st century.

What age groups is FIRE Robotics Lab suitable for?

FIRE Robotics Lab caters to students across various age groups, offering tailored programs to suit different learning levels and interests.


Does FIRE Robotics Lab offer any certification programs?

Yes, FIRE Robotics Lab provides certification programs upon completion of various modules, validating students’ skills and knowledge in robotics and related fields.


How can our school initiate a partnership with FIRE Robotics Lab?

Schools interested in partnering with FIRE Robotics Lab can reach out through our website or contact our team directly to initiate discussions and explore collaboration opportunities.

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